Thibodaux TaeKwonDo

What is TaeKwonDo? TaeKwonDo is a Korean martial art which emphasizes the use of the hands and feet as a system of self defense. TaeKwonDo also builds and strengthens the connection with mind and body while building physical fitness and coordination.

Here at Thibodaux TaeKwonDo, we train in the traditional style of TaeKwonDo along with the addition of Olympic Style free sparring. We also have a complete system of self defense utilizing a variety of martial arts. We are committed to give each student the tools he or she needs to excel in TaeKwonDo and in life: Courtesy, Integrity, Perserverance, Self-Control, & Indomitable Spirit.

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Class Information

151 Peltier Park Drive
Thibodaux, LA 70301
(985) 414-2622

Styles & Curriculum

Traditional TKD
Olympic Style TKD Free Sparring


Taekwondo competition on Local, Regional, & National levels
open to all students

Weekly Class Schedule

6:00 pm
7:00 pm

To build true confidence through knowledge of the mind, honesty of the heart and strength in the body. To keep friendships with one another and to build a strong community. Never fight to achieve selfish ends but to develop might for right.

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